New Clubs for Young People: Expression of Interest Form


#New Clubs/Groups

This form is for clubs that have not yet started operations, if your club has already started running activity please complete this form instead- Click Here

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of the first BMC Youth Clubs and joining our pilot programme.  Please complete this form and submit by 9am on Thursday 21 September 2023.

Clubs will be selected to work with the BMC to become accredited and to benefit from the broad range of benefits that affiliation will bring.  We will be selecting clubs to ensure those included in our pilot cover a range of activities, geographical locations, and styles of clubs.

If you miss the deadline please do still complete the form as we may have opportunities for more clubs to join the first pilot.  Plus, if we are aware that you are keen to get involved we will be able to get in touch as soon as we are in a position to invite more clubs to join us.

Details of Club\Group
What digital/social media would you like the club/group to have?
Do you plan to actively support any of these groups to become members?
What activities do you want to include in the club programme?
Which of these would you count as the main activity that will take place?
How frequently do you plan for sessions to be held when the club is first established?
Do you plan to enter competitions?
How is the club / group set up?
Which of the following policies are already in place?
Please Select if these polices are:
Do you have someone to take on the role of a volunteer Safeguarding Officer?