#FindYourAdventure - Club Registration Form


#FindYourAdventure Club Registration


This form is for clubs who wish to sign-up and register to join the #FindYourAdventure campaign which will support clubs to grow their membership numbers.

For more information about the support available for clubs through this campaign go to the Clubs Are Open pages on the BMC website - www.thebmc.co.uk/clubs-are-open

This programme is only for clubs affiliated to the BMC.

There is no limit to the number of clubs that can be accepted on to the campaign, nor is there a deadline for registration, but the sooner you start the more you will be able to benefit from the support!


The BMC takes data protection seriously - the details you submit in this form will be held securely and will only be used for the purposes of running this campaign.

The personal data will be managed by the BMC Clubs Officer (Jane Thompson) and used purely for contacting the clubs about the campaign.  Where permission is given, the email provided will be shared with members of the campaign steering group to enable them to contact the club to provide additional support.

If you wish to find out more about this please contact Jane Thompson, BMC Clubs Officer, clubs@thebmc.co.uk, 07885 910606.


Please note that if you are not happy for your email to be shared with the #FYA steering group you may not receive all communications regarding the available support for your club.

Data sharing
I only want the BMC Clubs Officer to have access to my email address and to send me emails
I am happy for my email address to be shared with the #FYA steering group, and receive emails from members of the group

Other club contacts
If there are other members in your club who wish to be included in the #FYA mailings please ask them to email clubs@thebmc.co.uk and state their
- name
- club
- whether they only want to receive mailings from the BMC Clubs Officer or whether they would be happy for their email to be shared with the #FYA steering group.

#FindYourAdventure CHARTER
I can confirm that the club named above wants to register as a #FindYourAdventure club and will put together an action plan, for example including some of the "Actions" listed below


  • Get ready – use the checklist to review your current ‘outwards face’ and take action to update as needed e.g. your web & social presence
  • Add a #FindYourAdventure "landing page" to your website and / or Facebook page, so potential new members can get to the right place 
  • Prepare your own local communications using the #FindYourAdventure logo, branding guidelines and templates.  Considering whatever you feel will work best for your target recruitment (maybe posters / social media posts / T-shirts)
  • Hold a ‘new members’ event (maybe a ‘turn up and tie on’ evening; a local walk or a ‘new members social')
  • Be proactive, responsive & welcoming


We are keen to find out more about your plans associated with the actions listed above.  Please can you provide a brief description below.


The BMC is targeting a 10% increase in Club membership over the next year as a result of this campaign.


We'd welcome your thoughts and ideas on any aspect of #FindYourAdventure - one of the greatest resources we have is sharing ideas amongst clubs