Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete something from my basket?

The items in the basket represent your event applications. If you return to your submission you can edit or delete that to update your basket. If you don't complete your order, your basket will automatically be cleared after approximately 4 hours - this does not affect the submission itself, which can then be edited or deleted as required.

If you still have problems then contact the BMC officer repsonsible for the event or email

I'm trying to pay but can't. How do I get help?

If you experience any difficulties when paying online, you can email Yas in accounts (Monday to Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm) or telephone 0161 438 3321. Please have the order number or date of the submission to hand. 

When using webforms to make payment please use a PC or laptop. Phones and tablets are not compatable with webforms when making payment.

I clicked the "Proceed to checkout" link but it says "There are no products in your shopping cart". What do I do?

You may see this message if you have previously submitted an entry/application and did not immediately complete checkout. This is because your shopping cart is automatically cleared after approximately 4 hours. To add the submission back to your shopping cart you must edit and re-submit the form. Download step-by-step instructions.

Webform device compatibility

When making payment please use a PC or laptop. Phones and tablets are NOT compatible with webforms when making payment.